About BRiCO

BRiCO realizes an ethical relationship between fashion and people through creative upcycling.

Recycled materials are a great way of incorporating sustainable choices into our daily lives. BRiCO promotes a positive product lifecycle where sustainable products can be incorporated into people’s lives through a platform consisting of high-quality recycled materials, simple design, and a user-friendly interface.

BRiCO’s Vision

Our name BRiCO comes from French word 'Bricolage'. In art or design, 'Bricolage' refers to creation from various available materials.

When you donate your old clothes to BRiCO, you will receive an offer to buy new clothes through the app. This is a vision of BRiCO. We pursue a future of a sustainable fashion industry that redefines garment waste as a ticket to buy new clothes. In the future, we envision a new fashion culture that contributes towards the restoration of Earth's lost environment. BRiCO’s upcycling is the realization of sustainable 'bricolage' in our age.


BRiCO’s Process

BRiCO's upcycled products are manufactured from 100% textile waste. The products including yarns and fabrics are made without the use of any dyes or chemicals, and with very little water.

  • Collecting
  • Sorting
  • Cleaning and
  • Blending
  • Spinning
  • Yarn

BRiCO’s Responsibilities

In the cleaning and sorting process, BRiCO strives to improve local unemployment issues by employing 300 women from neighboring communities who are unable to work due to illiteracy.